Personal Banking

Personal banking is similar to retail banking. The essence is that the products and services of the bank are tailored to meet individual banking and ancillary needs, including everything from a checking account to investment advice. The different products available through personal banking include checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, check cards with rewards, different types of loans, and personal lines of credit, credit cards, personal trust and private banking services, mortgage programs, investment management, discount brokerage, insurance services and advisory services. Insurance, investment advice, and wealth management are high end products offered in personal banking.The most prominent feature in personal banking today is technology- enabled, customized products and services like anywhere banking, ATMs, and the delivery of services through channels like a telephone and the Internet. The idea is that the customer need not come to the branch for their services and that everything should be delivered to the customer at his convenience. The bank will provide single window service, meaning that customers can visit one counter for any banking need.Personal banking is quickly catching up in almost all the countries in the world and is expected to contribute significantly to the bank’s total revenue. Almost 15-20% of the customers contribute up to 90% of the banks business, so proper service to these customers will deepen the financial relationships.Everyone with a personal bank account needs to be very cautious and pay close attention to all aspects of their account. People should promptly review their bank statement, avoid having to pay unnecessary fees and bank charges, avoid leaving discarded bank documents behind, avoid banking online in public places, and periodically change their password.

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